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Website Development

  Multi Browser Compatibility

  Highly Maintainable & Code

  Solid Version & Control System

  User Friendly & Interfaces
  Responsive website design & development in line with & Google recommendations

  Performance, load and Stress Testing

  Local, Staying Up-To-Date with Latest Technology
  Local, Clean Code and API’s

Cloud Computing

  Reliability, Scalability And Sustainability
  Highly Maintainable & Code

  Secure Storage Management
  Lower Capital Expenditure
  Free Up Internal Resources & Highly Automated

  Performance, load and Stress Testing

  Large Stock of ServerTechnology
  Multiple Devices Support
  Transparent Work Progress
  NDA Protection
  Transparent Work Progress
  Custom Software with Unity 3D Home Architect
  Experienced 3D Modelling Experts

Progressive Web Apps

  Multi Browser Compatibility

  Highly Maintainable & Code

  Solid Version & Control System

  Mobile App-Like & Interface
  Connectivity & Independence

  Push Notifications & Self-Updates

  Local, Full Responsiveness and Browser
  Local, Compatibility & Secure Since It Is Hosted On Https

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Services

  Long Term Positioning & Increased Traffic

  Brand Awareness & Online Reputation

  SEO Friendly & User Friendly Website

  Cost Effective & Increased Roi

  Increased Domain Authority & Page Rank

  Increased Visibility Among Target Audiences

  Keyword Research
  Improving Conversions
  Connect With Motivated Prospects
  Engaged Audience & Higher Organic Search Ranking

Game Development Services

  Multi Browser Compatibility

  Highly Maintainable

  Solid Version & Control System

  Cross & Platform
  AR/VR & Development

 Game & Service

  Game Promotion & Game Design 2D/3D
  Motion Graphics & UI Design & Animation 2D and 3D

Digital Marketing

  Pay Per Click (PPC) & Drive Website Traffic

  Quick, Attainable Results & Intuitive Metrics

  Measurable Results & Enhances Other Marketing Efforts

  High-Level Brand Exposure & engagement
  Increased Search Engine Visibility & Attract More Customers & Target Advertising
  Effective social media marketing and visitor targeting

  Increased Brand Exposure with In-depth & Intuitive Metrics

Fastispeed Funding

How we help brands

Our Corporate Values Are What Sets Us Apart from the Competition.  At Fastispeed we consider all our clients to be extraordinaire in their field of expertise.

Together we thrive on helping to bring your projects to life by constantly pushing the technological boundaries every day.  Our values are not just a depiction of who we are and how we function; they represent our core principles throughout the development process, to surpass your expectations

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