Introducing Web Development

Basic form of a website which provides business with a means to provide information and showcase their work. This supplies visitors with information but does not allow for any purchases through the site.

More advanced form of a website which allows visitors to purchase
products through the site. It is used to develop an online shop that
promotes and sells your products by holding a large inventory maintained
through database structure.

Front-end development

Easy to navigate

Information is easy to read 

All content is relevant. 





When we press buttons on a page, search for our favourite products or any interaction within a website this is considered Front-End Development.

This attracts the right target audience and creates a user-friendly experience bringing people back for more.


With the digital world expanding all sizes of phones, tablets and screens have made Front-End Development even more important. 

It needs to be ensured that all aspects of the design fit the constant evolution of technology.

In terms of functionality, this is the server side of development where the site is enhanced and protected.

Updates, changes and monitoring functionally are all key parts in this role.

This usually consists of three parts:

The server

the application 

and a database

The main language for back end consists of Java, PHP and Python.

These coding languages allow for what we call “Dynamic Sites” which are sites made for database information as these sites have constant information needing updating like Facebook, Instagram and News Outlets.


Back-End Development

Our Development Process

Gather Information

To ensure the development is on the right path, information is needed
on your business. What is the purpose for your site?
Do you sell products? Who is your target audience and what is effective with them?


With the information you provide a sitemap is developed which outlines the structure of the site
with ‘user-friendly’ being the main motive.
This is where the site features, functions and theme are decided moving forward.


Design is the key part of a successful business online.
It needs to cater to the desired target audience
with the placement and colour scheme to reflect the user-friendly plan.
The main graphics are designed and expanded on later.


This stage is when the coders take over.
The coder uses codes on the site to make it function and run smoothly
and brings the graphic designs to life.
This process is done from the home page through the entire site.

Content Writing

Following the development process, it’s time to write the content on your website.
Excellent and engaging content is necessary to grab the attention of your clients.
The content should be modified for the website with headings, subheadings, tags, etc.
to make site search as easy as possible.


It is another routine part of the web development process.
Every page and links are tested before launching the site to make sure nothing is broken.
Check every form, script, and run spelling check software so as to find possible typing errors.
Use code validators to make sure if your code follows the current web development standards.
In this stage, your site is tested for several things including: Website speed, Cross-browser compatibility and multiple screen tests.


Once a site is launched, it does not signify the end of services, our developers are happy to provide further maintenance services.
There are many tasks to be carried out by the company such as giving
customers the source code and project documents, working on feedback, aswell as providing post-development support.
This step holds great importance as the main purpose of a site begins once it becomes live forthe viewers.

Choosing CMS

Website development is not an easy task.
It is intimidating to most people to manage and develop a website.
As your business grows so does the content of your site, and it changes as your business evolves.
Therefore, content management is key to keep your online presence up to date.

We Develop on WordPress Magento Bootstrap Dreamweaver Joomla

So no matter what your dream site looks like we can make that a reality.