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SaaS App Development

Fastispeed and our Partners Software has developed a strong technical expertise over the past 10 years in technology, as such we understand the meaning of building a great SaaS application. We can help you navigate the challenges of building a SaaS application whether it is on existing PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) vendors like or building your own stack from scratch using open source cloud systems like OpenStack and a language of your choice like Java, PHP, C#/.NET.

Benefits of working with Fastispeed and our Partners Software:

  • Build SaaS applications on the cloud using the programming language you are comfortable with like Java, PHP, C#/.NET.
  • Get a talented team that knows how to build great SaaS applications in the cloud.
  • Focus on the business value for your SaaS app while we take care of the technology.
  • Get a well-researched neutral point of view on the Platform or Infrastructure to build your app.

Possible platforms/ infrastructure that we can help you build SaaS applications on:

  • Openstack
  • Windows Azure
  • Google App Engine
  • Amazon AWS